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With a rental portfolio in excess of 30 tenancies (and another 18 planned for construction in 2014), we know a thing or two about property management. Over the years, we have used many property managers; some were large franchised agencies; some small boutiques and others specialised/systemised property managers. Through a lot of trial and error we have found the managers that give us the best results and personalised service that we demand; Real Property Management. The factors that are most important to Black Bear as experienced developers/investors, and the factors that RPM do so well, are:

  • Accurate and regular reporting;
  • Accurate and regular inspections;
  • Low vacancy rates;
  • Quality tenant selection;
  • Highest possible rent; and
  • Lowest arrears.

In fact, we are so pleased with RPM that we invited them to take some spare space in our office. We believe this arrangement will have benefits not only for Black Bear as a client of RPM, but it will also have significant benefits for RPM and their clients. By being in the same office, RPM will have daily access to Black Bear and its vast development and investment experience. Some examples of where Black Bear could provide advice are; how to increase your rent through renovations; introductions to builders and other tradespeople to help with renovations; assessing any development potential of your property; information on new developments and infrastructure happening in your area that may affect the rent or value of your property; or offering advice on the value of your property. We are not aware of any other property management business that has access to that level of knowledge under the same roof! We use and recommend RPM to any investor looking for a quality property manager in Brisbane.


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