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: This service involves all of the items included in the General Site Review plus examination of services to the property, sketches of development options, market research, feasibilities of the various options and more.

  • Identification of local plans proposed to affect the property but not yet in force;
  • Planned infrastructure affecting the site;
  • Examination and comment on services (eg. suitability for use in development);
  • Sketch potential development options for the site;
  • Research of end values of proposed products; and
  • General feasibility to examine profitability.

This service is provided by email – simply send us the address of the property you are looking at. We will provide the report back to you via return email within 3 business days (if you required a faster turnaround please ask as we may be able to accommodate this for an additional fee). Please note: the property must be located in Brisbane City Council.

Who Can Benefit From This Service?

This service may be suitable for:

  • The serious investor/developer who is looking to progress their development in the near future.
  • The property owner who wants a detailed understanding of the potential of their property.
  • Anyone undertaking due diligence investigations of a potential development site.

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