We stumbled upon the Gallery Terraces development before construction had commenced. We had started looking for a quality townhome in a good inner north suburb, and had a long and onerous list of non-negotiable criteria as this will likely be our forever property. Looking at other developments completed by Black Bear Group, we were impressed by the quality of the builds and finishes, so we reached out to enquire about future developments in the pipeline.

Jannine identified a townhome in the Gallery Terraces development as a potential match for our requirements, and we arranged a meeting with her and Adam to find out more about the development and about Black Bear Group. Buying off the plan can be a leap of faith, so for us it was important to deal with a local developer with a proven track record, and who was open to working with us to ensure that we get the home we really want. Black Bear’s investment model, which doesn’t require pre-sales before construction commences appealed to us as it provides certainty that the development will be completed.

Adam and Jannine have been terrific to work with from day one. After our initial meeting we were very interested in the townhome, but there were some changes to layout and finishes required to get it just right for us. Adam went through due process to ensure that these changes would be possible and once confirmed, we were excited to make an offer on the townhome. Since then communication lines have remained open and Adam and Jannine have been responsive and have demonstrated ongoing commitment to working with us, understanding what we want and why, and coming up with solutions to make it happen. By purchasing pre-construction we have been able to choose some of our own hardware, surfaces and finishes.

We are very much looking forward to moving into our new home and would have no hesitation in recommending anyone interested in a Black Bear development to touch base with Adam or Jannine for a chat.

Patrick & Jane

Jannine was professional and personable throughout.  She was efficient and reliable and attended promptly to our requests.  Always available and generous with her time,  nothing was too much trouble. Jannine was a pleasure to deal with


Over the past 5 years I have invested a significant amount of money in a number of syndicate projects with Black Bear.

I have always found Black Bear to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, detailed and transparent. Black Bear deliver projects in line with my expectations and I am always kept up to date with the current status of each project. As an interstate investor I need to have confidence and trust in my investment and this has never been an issue for me when investing with Black Bear.

I would not hesitate to recommend an investment with Black Bear to my friends and family.

Marianne, Sydney

We have used Adam’s expertise previously when buying a property with development potential and most recently as part of his Black Bear Syndicate on a project that has just been completed. We were happy with the end result and had no hesitation in joining our second syndicate when a new one opened.  Adam and his team keep you updated on the progress of the project and Adam is available should you wish to contact him directly. The Black Bear Syndicates have a professional and experienced team that deliver a quality end product. We would certainly recommend Black Bear Syndicates regardless of your level of experience.

Glen and Sandy, Brisbane

Over the years we have invested in several Black Bear syndicates and have always been impressed with their deep understanding of all facets of development and sales in Brisbane as well as their transparency and detailed planning.

Their market analysis, customer analysis and product design and marketing is extremely thorough.

Ultimately, they’ve helped us reach our financial goals and we have recommended their services to our family and friends so they can enjoy the same benefits as well.

Jo and David, Brisbane

I’ve known Adam for many years and watched him build Black Bear into the company it is today. I was a first time investor, Adam took the time to explain the process, take questions any time and keep the syndicate informed of progress. It’s a simple way to get involved in development to the extent you want to involved or not. I’m looking forward to joining the next syndicate and gaining from the financial rewards.

Daniel Kloza

I totally trust Adam and his team or I would not have invested with Black Bear projects. He is honest and I am happy with his returns. Am looking forward to his next project.

Ilse Uhl

Thinking of investing with Black Bear?

I can vouch that the Black Bear syndicates are the best investment opportunity that both my family and I have been lucky enough to find in the last few years. These people are genuine enough that they put their own money into the mix. They do excellent research, produce flawless top quality products and deliver promised returns.  

Very happy investor.

Elke Bull

I have invested a considerable amount with Adam and the Black Bear team over the last few years, he offers a very professional, proficient and principled service and delivers outcomes in line with expectations, I wouldn’t hesitant to recommend him to the right investor.

Isaac Hauser

I have seen Adam’s developments over more than a decade now, and know him to be reliable and straightforward. So in 2017 I invested in a Black Bear syndicate. It delivered almost exactly what was delivered (just a few months’ overrun). Adam kept investors informed throughout the process, and was available to answer any questions I had, as needed. It was a dream compared to doing developments myself: all the returns and none of the work! I have a second investment with him at the moment, and no doubt will make more. I also like being able to invest across multiple projects with different finishing times, creating a more regular return from development than is normally possible for a single small investor. 

Helena Bond

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to invest in Black Bear Group Property Syndicates. People often say these things are risky. But when you have proven professionals with experience and industry knowledge you are in good hands. Switched on and hands on I was kept updated every step along the way and they delivered on time and with a great return.

An easy SMSF Investment for me!

Mark (SMSF Investor), Brisbane

Hello Adam and the Black Bear team!

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to express my appreciation and gratitude for your efforts in the handling of my investment with you. It appears I have less time for things since my retirement.

I was completely satisfied after the completion of the first of your projects I was involved with, to the extent that I have invested in two more projects with you. I will be investing with you even more in the future, as I restructure my assets.

The transparency and honesty in the dispensing of information, the ease of arranging the investment, the accessibility of yourself and your officers for communication and of course a very good rate of return on investment, has allowed me to feel very confident about our future dealings. I have recommended your services to my daughter and her family, who will be contacting you in the near future.

So, once again, thank you and I look forward to our further successes.

Árpád Makaresz

We are currently on our second syndicate with Black Bear. We had been approached by other companies earlier, however we found the documentation and updates were far superior with the Black Bear Group.

We where always kept in the loop,  we never had to ask for anything as the updates came very regularly.

The systems are uncomplicated and suit a novice or someone who has been in real estate for years.

The returns are great and it is very easy to invest, we will do more investing in the future with Black Bear.

Sean and Kelly

To whom it may concern

This is a letter of confirmation that we have been investors in recent projects with Black Bear Group. We have found our dealings with Adam and the team to be highly professional, with quality documentation and regular communication being pillars of their business.

Their honesty & transparency has been on display throughout the process and the returns realised vs the expected outcomes were pretty much on the money.

We found the process simple and would invest again given the right project. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to invest.

Darren Jones

Hi Adam

Just a quick note to say I am very happy with my decision to invest in the Coorparoo Syndicate. It was very easy to invest and I felt comfortable that you were continually working to protect your investors.

The fact that the final returns were as promised is a testament to your team’s experience and diligence. Please keep me updated as I would be very happy to invest in future Black Bear Syndicates.

Jon Johnson

Recently, Adam assisted me in purchasing a Brisbane property in an excellent location, close to a train station and close to the city. His fulltime involvement in the real estate market and his ability to accurately assess values was of great assistance to me during the purchase stage. Despite a higher asking price, Adam held firm to the offer that he thought was right and he handled all negotiations and contact with the selling agent. Having someone who has a law degree, prepare due diligence clauses and contract doesn’t hurt either. Adam’s expertise ensured a smooth and stress-free process during the contract stage and a purchase price that I was happy with.

Adam provides extensive research, to support his assessments of property values. The depths of his research and information provided in all respects, exceeds expectations.

I am especially pleased with the location of this property. Most importantly though, is the fact that the property offers development potential, that I would otherwise would not have recognised on my own. Adam has the ability to recognise value and opportunity.
Adam’s own considerable experience in developing property, was of particular value to me, during the due diligence stage of the purchase. He has an excellent knowledge of town planning, design and other issues relating to property development.
The property that I went to contract on, had some issues that needed thorough investigation, in order to be satisfied that our development expectations could be met. Adam brought many consultants into the due diligence investigations and liaised with them to decide on the best way, to build units on the site.

I was able to place full trust in Adam. If, at any stage of the due diligence period, we had struck problems without good solutions, he would have been the first to advise, that I walk away from the contract.

I found Adam to be honest, down to earth, and unassuming. His efficiency, communication and research are outstanding and he always goes the extra mile. Adam is a person of high integrity and a prospective property investor, who is searching for a Brisbane property, can feel exceedingly confident in dealing with Adam.

M Becker NSW

On many occasions over the last 3 years, Adam Jones, on our behalf has sourced, acquired and assisted us with strategies to undertake many successful property projects.

Adam’s vast knowledge, experience, industry contacts and the ability to see each property’s full potential is truly an asset to us and to all of his clients.

Adam’s close relationship’s with architects, town planners and engineers has been beneficial to us, in being able to make swift, precise decisions to maximise strategies and avoid hurdles whilst properties are under contract and still in the due diligence period.

The research that has already been undertaken by Adam and his team prior to being presented to us, always gives a clear indication of the proposed purchase amount, all costs involved, risks, and end profit expectations that so far have been conservative on all our completed projects.

We have watched Adam’s own projects evolve over the last few years from concepts to successful completed development projects and this is what initially attracted us to use his services.

We now engage Adam’s services and knowledge on a regular basis and have always found him to be honest, trustworthy, reliable and extremely beneficial to our success on our property investment journey.

Adam we wish you all the best but already know you are well upon your way to being one of the Elite in your field and have no hesitation in recommending your services.

Darren and Karin Herrigan

Adam assisted us with the purchase of a small development site at Lutwyche in early 2014.

The strategy is to cosmetically renovate the exiting house and build two new SUDs at the rear. Adam has undertaken the following steps to assist us;

  1. Negotiated $50K reduction on the asking price before the contract was signed.
  2. Contacted the relevant consultants on our behalf to investigate the development potential of the site during the due diligence period.
  3. Referred a project builder who was able to meet our expectations for the build design, and budget.
  4. Referred us to the relevant tradespeople for the renovation project.
  5. Provided feedback to our queries along the way.

We are very pleased with Adam’s service to us, and we would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in property investment and development in the near future. We can confidently say that we have greatly benefited from Adam’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in property.

Valentina Ma

I’ve known Adam for about 4 years now and have always been impressed by his professionalism and willingness to help others on their journey. It has been awe-inspiring to watch and learn from his projects during that time. During the last 12- 18 months though Adam has played a more active role in my property journey. He has advised on my projects, providing an amazing amount of knowledge, helped me work out the feasibilities for various development scenarios and shared his contacts with me to help me on my way.

He has the ability to see opportunities with a property when others can’t. His advice and help during the negotiation process has been a great help as well, always going that extra mile and always professional. I would highly recommend using Adam as a part of your property team.

Viv Halliday

We have been using the expert advice from Adam for over 12 months and he has helped us source a development opportunity that we have taken advantage of.

Adam not only provided us the information on a site that was being sold by a Real Estate Agent from out of the area who did not understand about the re-zoning of the site, but also was able to negotiate the deal and give us advice on the various ways we could go to take best advantage of the future development opportunities.

Adam’s organised and diligent approach during the contract period ensured we met time critical deadlines and settlement.

We certainly would seek Adams expertise in any of our future ventures and would recommend that before anyone was thinking of looking at a property they contact Adam.

Sandy Treeby-James & Glen James

I recently had the pleasure of working with Adam Jones when purchasing an investment property in Brisbane. I live in Sydney so I needed a local on the ground that I could trust and help me through the process. Adam certainly delivered for me.

He identified a property with significant development potential for a very good price. Adam co-ordinated all of the due diligence for me, spoke to all the necessary consultants, got the required advice and even got permission from two neighbouring property owners to connect new services through their properties.

We have now lodged our application to build 5 units behind the existing house and we are well on our way to undertaking our first development project in Brisbane. None of this would have been possible without Adam’s knowledge, experience and professionalism.

The real difference we found when dealing with Adam is that he is out there doing his own projects so he is speaking from experience and that gave us a lot of confidence that we were getting the right advice.

If you are looking to buy an investment property in Brisbane or wanting to get into property development I would certainly recommend speaking with Adam.

Marianne Knox, Bronte NSW

I have been working with Adam Jones for almost two years now. At all times I have found Adam to be extremely knowledgeable regarding most facets of property development and investment. From town planning, to structuring, financing, strategy, renovation, negotiation research, feasibilities, and everything in between. He also has strong relationships with all the consultants and advisors you might need to help with your own investments and developments.

I have been fortunate enough to watch a number of Adam projects go from inception, through development and to completion. He certainly gets things done. I have always found Adam to be reliable, trustworthy and honest. Adam provides a very professional service and I have no hesitation recommending him to friends and colleagues.

Garth Silva, Brisbane, Qld.

Adam Jones recently assisted me with the purchase of an investment property in Kedron on the northside of Brisbane. Adam was able to secure the property at a very good price compared to other Low Medium Density Residentail (LMR) properties in the area. But what Adam also knew due to his thorough knowledge of town planning (which the agent didn’t know) was that the property was shortly being re-zoned to Medium Density Residential (MR).

Adam handled all facets of the negotiation, research and due diligence to make sure there were no surprises when it came time for me to develop the property. Only a few weeks after settlement, the property was rezoned to MR as expected; handing me a significant increase in value.

I am planning on using Adam’s services again for my next purchase and I thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase an investment property in Brisbane.

Vishwa Gouder, Brisbane, Qld.

I have been working with Adam Jones to achieve my property investment goals. My confidence took a substantial blow after a bad property experience but with Adam’s help, I am getting back on track. I have found Adam to be very honest and open in sharing his experiences and knowledge. Adam has been very approachable and has a down to earth attitude that is very easy to work with. I have been very impressed by his dedication, integrity and expert knowledge.

I look forward to working with Adam and would recommend him without hesitation to others.

Liz Hodson, Brisbane, Qld

I am writing to say thanks for your services in purchasing my last property. I have purchased a few properties and up until now I never realised the value a buyer’s agent could add. However, in this instance, I would have missed out on this fantastic deal if it wasn’t for having you in my corner. This sale would have been added to the bank of “gee that would have been a great buy, pity I missed it” stories. So thanks again and I will definitely be recommending your services to all my friends.

Jon Johnson, Brisbane, Qld

We recently purchased a house sourced by Adam, and would not have seen the full value of this LMR site without his expert eye and research.

Of huge benefit has been Adam’s advice throughout and access to other professionals to help assess the development options.

This new asset has allowed us to reach our goals and we have been recommending your services to all my family and friends.

We have also invested in one syndicate so far, and the quality of planning and transparency of investment progress is of a very high quality.

David, Brisbane, QLD

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Adam Jones for his continuous support and assistance.

For years I have been carrying out successful property renovations and had reached a point where I wanted to take my projects to the next level. With Adam’s expertise, he has provided me with the knowledge and confidence I needed to take on larger sub-division projects. He has the ability to look at the bigger picture; the skill to know where to get the best value and the capacity to know which projects to take on.

I look forward to using Adam’s services again as soon as I have completed my current project, and I would highly recommend Adam to anyone wanting to gain the knowledge and understanding they need, when purchasing property, to reach their property goals.

Amanda Carle, Brisbane

It was beyond my expectations the service Adam offers for investigating and acquiring development sites. Adam follows up during the due diligence period and explores all aspects of the site with his team of consultants to make certain the site is viable.

The property I purchased delivered the expected council DA results Adam had previously identified, 9 units in Chermside. During the DA process Adam was at hand to answer any phone calls or emails when assistance was needed. By using Adam’s knowledge and contacts in the industry it has no doubt fast tracked my portfolio saving years.

Andrew Hicks, QLD

We are first-time developers who live in North Queensland. Recently we had the good fortune to purchase a Brisbane development property sourced by Adam. Situated only 5 km from the city, the property is within walking distance to a shopping centre, a bus station and a train station, as well as being close to the new tunnel infrastructure. Furthermore, due to a recent rezoning by council, the suburb is in the early stages of transformation with new projects already underway.

We could not possibly have purchased a property like this without Adam’s assistance. He has an extensive knowledge of development opportunities in Brisbane as evidenced by the considerable personal portfolio he has created. As complete novices with regard to property development, we relied on Adam to guide us through the negotiation, due diligence and contract processes. He contacted consultants on our behalf and willingly shared his list of industry contacts that we will need as we proceed with our development. We also value the input he has contributed to the design of our townhouses.

Adam is passionate about property and is dedicated to providing the best possible service to his clients. He is honest, easy to talk to and quick to respond to any query. We highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a Brisbane property with development potential. His contribution to our project has been invaluable.

Aldo and Lauren Cantoni

I contacted Adam Jones in 2013 when I heard about “investigate property” through a golf friend. Adam explained what he did and sent me through some examples and I knew immediately this is what I was looking for.

Adam bid for us at an auction and lead me through all the necessary planning and due diligence required before the day. Since then we have purchased another property and Adam has gone well over and above with his determined attitude and skills at helping us to achieve what we have set out to do.

I am very grateful of Adam for sharing his wealth of knowledge in property with us to help us reach our goals. He operates with the upmost professionalism and integrity and that matched with his own proven property success makes him someone I want involved in my future property endeavours.

Dominic Galligan, QLD

I am thrilled to have met Adam and to use his services in sourcing and negotiating a development property for me in Brisbane.  The market is moving quickly here and with implementation of a new city plan I wanted to make sure I was buying the right property at the right price.  Adam is tireless in pursuing opportunities and deals on a client’s behalf.  The property I ended up purchasing was to go to Auction but with a lot of sweet talking over an extended time he eventually had the agent and vendor agree to sell pre-auction for a good price.  I found Adam to be very knowledgeable of what can and can’t be developed on specific sites, and also what is the best product to be developed to meet market demand.

After settlement Adam is still involved and has provided valuable input into design and other aspects of the development.  On top of all the technical stuff Adam is awesome at, he is a great guy- always friendly and approachable which makes buying property an enjoyable, exciting process.

I will be using Adam again for my next purchase and obviously have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Fiona Murray, QLD

Thanks Adam for all your assistance with purchasing our first and second properties for development.

We’d talked about doing some small developments previously but with Terry being in the construction industry and seeing so many fails, he was really worried about making the right purchase decision and all the pre-construction planning elements we didn’t have experience with.

We joined Investigate Property from a friend’s recommendation, and after a bit of research and some conversations with Justin and Adam, it was clear that both of them ‘walked the talk’. They lived and breathed property investment with a passion and have many developments under their belts.

We saw that Adam had identified a potential opportunity on the north side of Brisbane in a location that we didn’t know at all (being true South siders…). We wouldn’t have even looked in this location but it turns out to be a fantastic area with great development opportunities due to proximity to the train station.

After talking with Adam and agreeing that the project was right for us, Adam handled the offer, due diligence and vendor negotiation. Having Adam’s advice regarding value and conditions was fantastic as it took all emotion and pressure out of the negotiations for us. Adam made it all about the numbers and assured us that there other projects would come along if this one was no longer viable.

With Adam as part of our ‘A Team’, we accessed a wealth of information and knowledge that gave us the peace of mind to invest in our first project with confidence. So much confidence in fact, that we quickly followed with the purchase of a second property – right next door to the first.

The due diligence process that Adam led was thorough and front ended a lot of potential issues so that the decision to proceed with settlement and with the project was an informed one. We’re really enjoying the whole process and are already talking about our next project, no doubt with Adam’s help.

Anita and Terry Bocquee

I invested with Black Bear for the first time in this project. I’m pleased with how it’s turned out and would like to continue investing in your projects.

I’d appreciate being kept informed as and when you find new projects.

Thanks once again for this opportunity.

Amy Koit