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This service provides a high level assessment of the development potential of a property. We will examine the key factors that we look for in a development site and identify any potential “deal breakers” that would make the site unviable.

  • Size;
  • Dimensions;
  • Zoning;
  • Any local plans applicable to the site;
  • Any significant constraints on the site (eg. demolition control);
  • The location of services for the site (i.e. water, sewer and stormwater);
  • Sales report for the property and surrounding area;
  • Contours;
  • Flood and overland flow searches; and
  • Brief comments on what can be built on the site.

This service is provided by email – simply send us the address of the property you are looking at. We will provide the report back to you via return email within 24 hours. Please note: the property must be located in Brisbane City Council.

Who Can Benefit From This Service?

This service may be suitable for:

  • Someone who already owns a property that they believe may have development potential and want to know more.
  • An investor/developer who is looking at a property to purchase or has a property under contract to purchase and is doing their due diligence investigations.
  • Anyone looking to sell their property but first wants to understand the potential of the site to ensure they price their property correctly (it may also be a useful marketing tool during the sale process).

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