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Welcome to the latest property investment syndicate from Black Bear Investment Group. It is with great pleasure that we present this exciting project and investment opportunity for your consideration.

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The Project

The Project involves the subdivision of an existing parcel of land into five new lots and the construction of five new houses. The proposed homes are designed specifically to maximise rental yield. Significantly, the completed homes will be held for rent by the Manager following the conclusion of the Project, so Investors will not be exposed to any sales risk. Once construction is complete a refinance will take place and Investors will exit the project with a fixed return paid at the rate of 10% per annum.

Key Details at a Glance

Offer Open – 6 January 2020
Offer Closes – 24 January 2020
Investment Funds Required by – 7 February 2020
Minimum Amount Per Investor – $100,000*
Estimated Investment Period – 18 months
 Fixed Return to Investors – 10% per annum
Total Return to Investors – 15% (based on an Investment Period of 18 months)
*The Manager may consider smaller amounts upon application.

What Return Will I Receive?

This particular syndicate project is offering a fixed return to investors of 10% per annum.

How Do I Invest?

First, please request a copy of the Information Memorandum by using the “Click Here” buttons on this page.

You will then receive the detailed Information Memorandum for this project. Please review the document carefully, discuss the opportunity with your trusted advisers, then complete the required forms following the instructions provided.

What is a Black Bear Property Syndicate?

Black Bear regularly puts together property syndicates to undertake residential property development projects on behalf of investors. Black Bear manages the entire process and provides investors with regular updates and access to properties and projects which may otherwise be unattainable for many investors.

Who is Black Bear?

Black Bear Investment Group is a privately-owned property development and investment business operating in Brisbane since 2007. For more than 12 years, Black Bear has been undertaking residential property development projects throughout Brisbane and has developed more than $60,000,000 worth of property. In addition to undertaking its own projects, Black Bear also regularly puts together and manages development projects on behalf of investors in a syndicate structure.

If you would like to learn about our experience and see some completed projects, please visit our projects page.

Why Invest in a Property Syndicate With Black Bear?

Syndicate participation enables investors to participate in projects that would ordinarily be outside of their financial comfort zone or expertise by joining a pool of similar investors seeking exposure to high quality projects. Generally our syndicates involve between four and ten members, requiring a minimum of $100,000 cash/equity investment. Black Bear has an extensive track record of successfully completing syndicate projects for investors as well as its own projects.

If you would like to read about other investors’ experience with Black Bear, please visit our testimonials page.

What is Black Bear’s Track Record?

Black Bear has a strong history of delivering for its investors. Please see below a summary of our previous syndicate projects.

Duration of Investment
Total Return to Investors
Annualised Return to Investors
Coorparoo Syndicate
17 Months Duration
20% Total Return
14% Annualised Return
Toowong Syndicate
13 Months Duration
17% Total Return
16% Annualised Return
Nundah Syndicate
17 Months Duration
17% Total Return
12% Annualised Return
Clayfield Syndicate
23 Months Duration
17% Total Return
9% Annualised Return
Cromwell Syndicate
17 Months Duration
16% Total Return
11% Annualised Return
Pembroke Syndicate
25 Months Duration
19% Total Return
9% Annualised Return
Oxford Syndicate
27 Months Duration
18% Total Return
8% Annualised Return
Jackson Syndicate
17 Months Duration
14% Total Return
10% Annualised Return
Bellevue Syndicate
19 Months* Duration
21%* Anticipated Return
In Progress
Five Cromwell Syndicate
17 Months* Duration
20%* Anticipated Return
In Progress
Burnaby Syndicate
24 Months* Duration
22%* Anticipated Return
In Progress
Franklin Syndicate
13 Months* Duration
10% p.a. Fixed Return
In Progress

* Anticipated outcomes as project still in progress

How Do I Get More Information?

Please fill out the form below and our investment administrator will call you within 24 hours for a completely obligation free chat to give you specific details.

    How Long Will It Take?

    The Premier Syndicate is anticipated to take 18 months. 

    What is the Structure of the Syndicate?

    Each syndicate is limited to a single project. For each syndicate we establish a fresh unit trust (with corporate trustee) and investors are issued units in the trust in proportion with the amount invested. The unit trust then purchases the property and undertakes the project.

    What Information is Provided to Investors?

    We prepare a detailed Information Memorandum for each new syndicate which contains everything you and your advisers need to know about Black Bear, the project, the structure and the strategy. For each project, we set up an “investors only” area of our website which is regularly updated as the project progresses.

    What is the Minimum Investment Amount?

    Generally, the minimum investment amount for a Black Bear syndicate is $100,000 (although smaller amounts may be considered by the Manager on request). There is no maximum amount for a single investor.

    Who Can Invest With Black Bear?

    Individual persons, trusts, and self managed super funds (SMSF) are all welcome.  There is a simple criteria to meet, our investment administrator can run you through what is required.

    Can I Invest Using my SMSF?

    Yes. We have many investors that invest through their self managed super fund. However, it is essential that investors take their own individual advice to ensure that such an investment is right for their particular circumstances.

    What are the Risks?

    All property development projects have a range of risks and Black Bear syndicate projects are no different. The keys risks involved in property development and syndicate investment are outlined in detail in section 11 of the Information Memorandum. The Information Memorandum also explains the steps Black Bear has taken to minimise these risks.

    How Do I Get More Information?

    Please fill out the form below and our investment administrator will call you within 24 hours for a completely obligation free chat to give you specific details.


      The information provided on this website is general information only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. It is not intended to be a recommendation by Black Bear or its associates. You should read the Information Memorandum in full and consider your own needs and situation and obtain your own financial and legal advice prior to investing in a Black Bear syndicate.

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