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The following is a selection of properties that clients have purchased recently utilising the services of our Buyer’s Agency. We do not buy Principle Places of Residence or standard investment property. We only buy quality property, in quality locations with potential to add value through any number of strategies (i.e. it must have a twist!). Some example of the value add strategies that we target are:

  • Buying under market value.
  • Buying a development site for the price of a house.
  • High Yield.
  • High Growth Location.
  • Upcoming or recently completed infrastructure.
  • Zoning changes.
  • Strata potential.
  • Development potential (that stacks up on today’s values, not after factoring in 10% market growth), for example:
    • Retain existing dwelling and build additional dwellings.
    • Demolish and build units/townhouses to maximise site.
    • Get DA and on-sell.